Me and my girl and boy, raising awareness and acceptance of autism

As I said yesterday, no two days have been the same this week. It’s been tiring parenting her on the down days, so goodness knows how poor D has been feeling (stressed and anxious, at a guess).

Today has been a good day, helped by this:

And this is how D normally wears “Monkey” as she calls it, her toys are always called by what they are: Bunny, blankie, rainbow bear etc.


D was quite anxious about school this morning as we neared – although she’d been fine up until then – she said she was tired, had tummy ache etc (all strategies that she tries occasionally). I had the idea that Monkey would chat to her as we went along (so there’s me, hand in a puppet, doing a silly voice) and hopefully get her smiling again. It worked! And she was happy to do her walking into the school grounds (which is OT request) with Monkey wrapped around her, my hand still in the puppet bit.

Thanks Monkey! Who came with me on collection too, just in case her day had deteriorated, but all was fine.

This evening she’s been a bouncy, flapping girl. Happy to watch T playing his game. Left my girl (melatonin-aided) to settle following “What the Ladybird heard”, she loves the pictures.

I hope our on/off days don’t continue over the weekend, it would be nice to have a plateau.

Glad it’s the weekend, please use the share buttons to help raise autism awareness and acceptance, thanks for reading Jx 😘

Here’s today’s Dr Seuss:



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