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Monday 2nd April – World Autism Day

So…*pats seat on sofa*…how was it for you? World Autism Awareness Day, I mean.

I woke up this morning having lost my voice – T and D had their Mumma squeaking at them like a giant mouse for much of the morning – which has now been replaced by a hacking cough (the joys of looking after under 4’s who really should have been having a duvet day with their parents).

So, our planned wearing NAS t-shirts and rattling collection tins didn’t happen, “here’s a leaflet and have some germs” wasn’t going to work. We have loads of leaflets and plenty of time. We did all wear blue though, as planned.

Autism is still going to be here in our family tomorrow and for ever.
It’s constant awareness for us and every other special needs family.

It’s reaching out and educating those who are quick to judge, to stare and to comment – they’re who need awareness.

World Autism Awareness Day was trending by lunchtime – brilliant – and stayed there for the afternoon. There were a few “I’ve got autism *twitch twitch*” type tweets and spammers…so many spammers, but look beyond that and there are people sharing their stories, their pictures, their lives. I’ve met some lovely new people today.

I’ve posted this picture before but my D is the reason I’m on here, sharing our experiences. She may have autism but I wouldn’t have her any other way.


Comments/RTs as ever welcomed, I hope you’ve all had a good day Jx 

A quick World Autism Awareness Day update from me

It’s been a while since I did my original post (“An idea for World Autism Day”), so here’s a quick update.

I never heard back from the manager of the Shopping Centre – not even an acknowledgement email. I phoned twice and emailed twice more and nothing…..extremely rude I thought. Wasn’t going to pursue it further, they obviously weren’t interested.

I have dropped leaflets into local shops near me, naturally my local Costa is one of them! All happy to display leaflets, they are know me and D by sight/name anyway. It’s a friendly precinct.

Now the biggie:
There is an article coming out in our local paper tomorrow, featuring D and I. I will try and post a link. No idea what it’s going to say, we did it all by phone and I sent the journalist some blog posts which I’d done. Part of me is incredibly nervous and thinking my daughter hasn’t asked for this etc but the fact that they’ve agreed to do this, and reference World Autism Day can only be good.

There was meant to be someone else publishing something too but I’m not sure when that is.

I spent a lot of time weekend before last emailing parenting magazines and referencing my blog. One came back straight away and said “we don’t accept unsolicited work” – how on earth do you get in there then? and another were interested and gave me another address so we shall see….

So..that’s what I’ve been up to….roll on Monday!

Happy for comments/RTs etc and have a nice day Jx 😘