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Eyebrows & expressions

I have mentioned in a previous diary post about D’s inability to raise her eyebrows and to wrinkle her nose. I made a little game of it at the time “try and wrinkle your nose and be a rabbit” or “raise your eyebrows and look surprised”.

She couldn’t, and another twitter user suggested I consider it may be dsypraxia which is common apparently amongst autistic children. I must admit I had only heard of it briefly and when I mentioned it to a TA in her SN school (yes, SN!) she was none the wiser either, she said she’d heard of dyslexia (!)

I researched it and a lot of the symptoms are very similar to D – the flapping, the poor co-ordination etc.

This morning while we were all relaxing, D looked up at me, raising her eyebrows as she did so. I had never ever seen her do that before and when I asked her to do it again, she couldn’t.
This corresponds with what I’ve read that involuntary movements can be made but movements upon request can’t.

So…another thing to raise if we EVER get our paediatric appointment through, it’s been nearly 3 months since we were meant to be referred back from the GP (my “if the professionals won’t help us” post).

Comments especially welcomed and grateful for RTs in advance, thanks for reading Jx 