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D and the Snowman #OperationSnowman

It was Christmas 2012 and D had fallen in love with “The Snowman” story by Raymond Briggs.

She loved to read it:


She watched the DVD endlessly, over and over. She would fly her little snowman toy around the room whilst the Snowman flew on the DVD.


The John Lewis Christmas advert was also a massive source of enjoyment, please click here to watch it.

Her Mumma had a look on the John Lewis website to see if there was anything “snowman”-related and found a book based on the advert:

And a knitting kit:


She ordered both on 23rd December, thinking neither would arrive until after Christmas but D would enjoy them anyway.

Wrong! Thanks to John Lewis’s fabulous customer service department, the kit arrived the very next day!

And so the knitting or “Operation Snowman” began. Mumma knitted through some good Christmas TV and some not so good, she’d forgotten how relaxing it was – apart from the twig arms!

Day by day, the snowman grew:
Day One:

Day Two (looking like something Captain Underpants would wear):

Day Three (body done but still not really snowman-like):

Day Four (the accessories started):

Day Five (all knitted, it all needed to be put together):

Day Six (sewing and taking shape):


“Where’s my face?”


And finally….



Mr Snowman was finished, D was delighted, she cuddled him and showed him to Bunny and her little Snowman. Then she watched the DVD again.

Our Chrimbo 22-27th December 2012

Hello! Did you miss me?

We’ve had a fab low-key Christmas and it’s been nice to watch some Christmas TV (some better than others..) without worrying about a 9pm deadline.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a blow-by-blow account, just our highlights and funny bits.

Christmas Eve night and …all through the house, everything was silent – apart from Mr Bluecrisps snoring – until “Santa” aka moi decided to do the stockings and got hiccups. Not little genteel ones either but parrot-squawk type ones (goodness knows why)! I had to tiptoe into bedrooms, trying to surpress them. Fine for D’s room but “squawk-hic” and up bobbed T’s head! Drat and double-drat but he settled back down immediately, phew!

Christmas morning and everyone was very happy with their stockings. I’d been very careful to get T and D the same amount and similar as my stat-man is very quick to notice discrepancies. They had little things like notebooks, blue-tack, choccie, piece of fruit and an Angry Birds annual each, which kept them both occupied.

Here was mine, thanks Santa 😜


T is so funny. I noticed the “how many more sleeps until Christmas” sign and said we can take that down and T replied “well, we can keep it there because its 364 sleeps until next Christmas!” – he did have a point but then it was worked out in days, hours, minutes and seconds! My stat-man!

Christmas lunch for us was a traditional meal, for T and D – as indicated in my #taa Christmas post wasn’t going to be a roast (neither of them would eat it, sensory issues etc) so this was their lunch:


Similarly this was our Christmas “pudding” (at the bottom of the post) something that I knew we’d all eat and, for a certain young lady who is “Ice Age Scrat” mad, it was very appealing.

As far as presents went, again I was very sure to get similar – both in amounts and shape. I couldn’t get what I wanted to get both (thanks, Apple, next year..) so they both had DS games, Ps3 games, books etc. Gifts that I knew they’d enjoy. And they did😃👍.

Another T-ism, I’d cooked the Christmaa meat the day before so that resulted in a much reduced time in the kitchen in the morning. They normally have lunch at 12noon (exactly, no deviance) and T said
“can we have lunch earlier today as it’s Christmas?”
“What time would you like it, T?”
“Ummm, a bit earlier, say 11.55am?”
Bless him and achieved!

Slight fail in that I couldn’t find any decent crackers but twitter saved the day with it’s #crackerjokes hashtag, see my round-up of the best here.

The rest of our time has been lovely, family time. Very few meltdowns apart from one today from D and they’ve looked at each others games without incident and generally got on.

This arrived today, which fits in nicely with “Operation Snowman” and D’s current Raymond Briggs Snowman/Father Christmas obsession, it’s a wonderful book, with a rhyming story of the advert and pictures:


Bunny’s had a good time too, remote hogging!



And this was our pair today:



Happy days…we’re got our health (apart from colds), MIL is out of hospital but very frail and we were together…Christmas 2012 was good.


I hope everyone’s festivities have gone well, please use the buttons below to comment/RT/share, thanks for reading Jx 😘

(Final picture via twisteddoodles)

Cracker jokes

We had a slight fail this Christmas in that I couldn’t find any decent children’s crackers.

We salvaged any repercussions of this by reading the #crackerjokes hashtag on Twitter and there were some good ones on there, preserved below for the giggles they gave!


Here’s some funnies:

Why did the rocket loose his job?
He was fired.

What do you do with a sick bee?
Take him to the wasp-ital.

What is an Ig?
An Eskimo’s house without a loo.

What’s the difference between snowmen and snow women?

What do you call someone they hides in a bakery?
A mince spy.

What do you get if you cross Father Christmas and a duck?
A Christmas quacker.

Where does Father Christmas go to recover after Christmas?
An elf farm.

What do you give a dog for Christmas?
A mobile bone.

What do witches use to wrap these presents?

What do you call a train loaded with toffee?
A chew-chew train.

And my favourite (drumroll please…)
What do you call an old snowman?

Any other good ones? Please share via a comment below if you have.

Thanks for reading Jx 😘


Music Monday – A special performance

Today’s Music Monday is from D, I hope you enjoy it.

D has absolutely flourished in her SN school with it’s small classes and high staff-pupil ratio. She still has her anxieties and issues but her progress in the last two years have been wonderful to see.

I hope you enjoy the video, this is one of D’s favourite Christmas songs, it’s sung a lot!

Merry Christmas from us all 🎅🎄

What’s your Elf name? #myelfnameis

I saw this picture on twitter last night (via Mia) and it made me laugh.


My Elf name is “Pudding McJingles”


Hubbie’s is Elvis Pickle Pants (LOL):


T’s is Sugarplum Monkey Buns:


And D’s is Happy Peppermint:


A bit of fun, tweet your name using #myelfnameis if you’ve got time, lets spread some giggles Jx

Silent Sunday


Silent Sunday