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“Oh dear, my cows are loose” A #Funee post

It’s been a strange week, to say the least.

The sudden news that the consultants had done a u-turn and agreed to perform the operation on my mum to remove her cancerous kidney, the worry that it was a high-risk operation, the waiting, the relief when she DID survive it and the complications afterwards.

Through all this, the children have needed their routine, their stability and – although I’ve only told them the minimum – I have been a bit of a snappy Mumma when worry and tiredness took over *slaps wrist*.

I’ve taken a day off from hospital visits today, D was (and still is) very unsettled and her mantra has been “Mumma, don’t leave me”.

We’d popped to my mums house today to get some washing done and she coped very well with the empty house as long as she knew where I was, it still felt strange that no-one was there.

Chores done, we were heading home and suddenly D said loudly;

“Oh dear, my cows are loose”.

Not the sort of average saying you’d expect from your child in the back seat.

It took me a few minutes to realise she was talking about Minecraft and it was definitely a #funee and a chance to have a little well-needed laugh.

Congrats to @ActuallyMummy for her win in the Brilliance In Blogging awards, definitely very well deserved.


Wot So Funee?

Daaaad! A #Funee post

Wot So Funee?

I’m joining in today with with another Funee.

As I’ve said before, we always make sure we laugh with D, never at her.

She does say the funniest things and, as seems to be the norm, it’s directed at Mr Bluecrisps, my Hubbie and her dad.

D has been on very good form this morning, she bounced happily into our room this morning and greeted Hubbie with “Happy day before Fathers Day”!
Both her and T have made some lovely items at school this week (I can’t say anymore because he reads stalks my blog) but he will love them tomorrow.

She had some brekkie (her usual) and then decided to play Bobo Explores Light on her I pad.


She turned and said to Hubbie “I’m going to play Bobo now, you know, the game you’re not very good at!”

Said with a definite giggle, harsh but very true, Mr Bluecrisps is not I pad-friendly!

Fade to Grey – The Ageing Process – A Wot So Funee #funee

Wot So Funee?

I’m linking up with to share another Funee, courtesy of D.

Autistic children can be prone to saying inappropriate things at times, due to their delayed social skills, fortunately neither of my children have ever done the “look at that f a t person”, I think I’d collapse with embarrassment if they did.

We also have a rule at home: “laugh with D, never at her” and we actively encourage T to abide to that too.

Today’s Funee happened last week. We’d all just been for a play date with a friend of T’s and we left their home in bright sunshine, baking hot weather. T’s friend lives at the end of a lovely, quiet road, in a little horseshoe and you could literally hear a pin drop as we left.

There was an elderly man opposite, sitting in his front garden, sunning himself. He may even have been asleep. D looked over and said “that man looks like Dad”, I ssh-ed her and we scampered off.

Later that evening, D was having a sing-song with Hubbie at bath-time and she said:

“I saw an old man when we were coming out of X’s house, he was old because he had grey hair”

Hubbie replied;
“But D, I’ve got grey hair”

“Yes, I know”

“Does that make me old?”

And D replied:
“Yes, but you’re my Dad and I still love you”.

I love her honesty and that she can be so sweet and funny.


“Learning To Love Again” – A Wot So Funee post

Wot So Funee?

I’m linking in with @actuallymummy for a Wot So Funee today with a little tale about D (my gorgeous 9-year old daughter, who just happens to have autism). Quite often I don’t remember the funny little things she says, but this one made me laugh and want to cry at the same time.

(To give a teensy bit of background, I had quite a disastrous first marriage before I met and married Mr Bluecrisps. The only good thing that came out of marriage number 1 was my eldest son. D isn’t aware that eldest son has a different dad and she’s suddenly into the princesses/hearts/flowers/tiara/luuuurve stage so I’m not “bursting the bubble” until I absolutely need to with regard to the fact that some marriages don’t work etc)

Anyway, what we like to do in the evening – D and I – is sing. It’s generally by her rules, a bit of Joseph (the play she was in recently) and a lot of this song:

Live (official lyric video) by Ultravox

(The image above won’t take you to the video but the link will, I imagine that we are a high proportion of the 5k+ views!)

What D likes about the video is the way the lyrics are played across the screen, they zoom in/out/up/down and really make her laugh.

One of the lyrics is “…don’t you know you’ll learn to love again”. We’d had our sing-a-long and then Hubbie came into the room. D looked at him and said
“Dad, you helped Mumma to learn to love again, didn’t you?”.

I didn’t honestly know whether to laugh or cry, it was lovely!