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In the grand scheme of things….

With everyone that’s gone on this week, it’s quite insignificant really…a blocked washing machine filter isn’t it?

Let me see..there was T’s diagnosis on Tuesday, the confirmation that we have two children on the autistic spectrum – one severe, one high functioning – and then yesterday, an afternoon where D was poked, prodded, blood tested and x-rayed. Challenging enough for anyone, but throw her anxieties and learning difficulties into the mixture and it was a long afternoon.

So, really a washing machine malfunction should be a breeze, shouldn’t it?

Not so, when it occurs at the end of a long, stressful week. Not so when you know that the shirt T is expecting to wear tomorrow is stuck inside, Not so when there is water to manually drain, a kitchen to clear up. It all takes time and has to be done before the children get home, before they notice that something is adversely different, before they worry.

I thought today was going to be calmer, I thought I’d be able to spend it thinking of ways to drum up votes for the BiBs, something that I need to do justice, I’m the only autism blogger in there. Here’s the link to vote btw, I’m in the Commentary section.

But I haven’t. I feel like I’m on a tightrope today, trying to get across. Various things keep trying to knock me off but I won’t let them.


There is no answer but to keep going, appreciating the positive, forgetting any negatives. Grabbing any little bits of respite as and when. Hoping that the blooming machine gets sorted out later and – for the most part – keeping calm and carrying on.