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Month 1 update – “Losing it for @Autism”

So, one month ago I posted this (click to read), my sponsored weight-loss to raise money for the National Autistic Society, a charity very close to my heart with two children at either end of the spectrum.

I’ve been updating every week with #WobblesWednesday on the lifestyle blog, and I’ll be updating monthly on the 3rd on here.

April was summed up for me in this post here, I’ve cried tears of sadness and tears of pride.

My loss this month:

(there were two weeks when I stayed the same weight, unsurprisingly considering it had been my birthday during one)

My loss so far this year:

1stone 5lbs.


£2 from me going into the collection tin.

Who would like to match me with a £2 donation please?

Here’s how to donate:

Either text AMUM76 £amount to 70070 to sponsor me

Or click here to visit my JustGiving page.

All donations gratefully received.

I need to thank the following people for their donations in the first month:
@eamsemma, @jdhoney1, @clkh_, @natalie_elliott, @cherylmoules, @emzamy, @mamaasp, @allykateyes and @seasidecol, @cherriemayhem, @oliversmadhouse, @everhopeful1000 and 2 x anonymous.

This image would be me….it’s called “One At A Time Please”, I love it!


Our day:

It’s been a long and tiring one for my two. D especially tired after the final performance of Joseph – here’s a picture of her in her commemorative t-shirt:

And T because he’s completely focused on tomorrow, the result of a game to be played by another team will determine whether his team finishes 1st or 2nd in their league. He’s worked out all the permutations for a win (with various scores) and a draw so it’s quite nail-biting!

Both very tired this morning, very cuddly and very reluctant.

D bolted when I collected her, a combination of tiredness and the fact I’d left her home-school diary at home so she wasn’t able to put it in her bag (silly me!). T was tearful as he was tired and they’d walked a long way to and from swimming.

Both happy to be home, D instantly crafting, T bouncing with a ball. Both instinctively using their mechanisms to calm and regulate.

Once tomorrow (and the league outcome is known) is out of the way, things should be calmer.


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I hope everyone’s had a good day, comments/RTs/shares welcomed, thanks for reading Jx 😘


I’m “Losing it for Autism” – join me/sponsor me!

It’s April, it’s Autism Awareness month and I’m upping the stakes.

I’ve been joining in with #WobblesWednesday weekly since the New Year, weight loss so far 1stone and 3lbs and it’s time to link my weight loss journey with my wish to make some money for @Autism (The National Autistic Society).


I’ve set up a JustGiving account and I’ll be matching lbs for £. My target is £500, not that I have 500 lbs to lose but it seemed a reasonable target for the next year (until World Autism Day, 2nd April 2014).

If you’re a parent/carer of someone on the spectrum, why not join me? Every £ raised is really going to help with the work that @Autism do, providing support and information.


Timing-wise I wish I was starting this next week as I’ve stayed the same, no loss and no gain. I’m surprised there wasn’t a gain what with Easter goodies and having the weekend off…but, it’s back to it from today. Focussing on what-I-know-works-for-me, upping the protein and veg intake, trying to resist the chocolate goodies.

We had a lovely day out at Legoland on Saturday, I packed plenty of food for the children as they like their own food, their own plates etc, unwisely thinking I’d be able to find a healthy option on sale. Wrong! I ended up chomping a cheeseburger (nice though it was) but so expensive too. £5.95 for a children’s meal as I wanted the smaller portion.

Renewed vigour from me. I’ll be updating my this blog every month on the 3rd and continuing with #WobblesWednesday weekly – I need to, things have gone a bit more public!

Linking up with Kate on thin ice and the other ladies, without their weekly support I wouldn’t even be contemplating this.

Good luck for the week ahead, below are my children, take a look at this post to read why photos can be deceptive.


Thanks for reading, here’s a quick plug:
“I’m fundraising 4 National Autistic Society & I’d love yr support! Text AMUM76 £1 to 70070 to sponsor me today. Thnx. Here’s the link