Me and my girl and boy, raising awareness and acceptance of autism


This is me….hello.

*Waves*, welcome to my blog. If you’ve come to this via Twitter then you’ll already know a bit about me and thank you for looking further.

If not, then I’m a proud mum of three – two sons aged 18 (aargh, where has the time gone?); 10 (C and T respectively) and a daughter aged 8 (D). She has autism, delayed motor skills and enhanced sensory skills. This can make for a “challenging” time but we wouldn’t be without her.

Our middle son (T) has been diagnosed at the higher functioning end of spectrum too, with high functioning autism – he’s a very intelligent, mature child, who you couldn’t possibly tell was also in the spectrum.

Very passionate about raising awareness of autism – the “invisible disability” – hoping that I’m helping via my blog posts and pictures that prove you can’t always tell at first glance if there is a disability – see my post “The Camera DOES lie”. I also have a couple of others I’d love for people to take a look at:
“A is for…” and “I want to be…” and “Penny for your thoughts” – all on here, just put the title into the search bar.

Promo over….

And I’m a wife to one – Hubbie – works very hard to support us and very protective of his family. He’s also a football coach at Saints Hawks (who our middle son plays for).

Two cat sisters – Itsey and Bitsey – and 3 guinea pigs – George, Bungle and Zipp.

Used to be a PA, tried childminding whilst a SAHM mum and I’m a learner driver too.

Life is busy but I prefer it that way, less time to stop and think!


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  1. hello! would love to catch up with you on Twitter too, what’s your ‘name’?!

  2. Hi Jeanette. Good blog. My youngest lad (19) is Autistic. Look forward to reading more of your posts. Following on Twitter too. Tony

  3. Hello there Jeanette. Thanks for raising awareness. My son is 14 and has Aspergers. I’m writing my first novel and one of the main characters has Aspergers. I’ve always wanted to write a novel and I’m always committed to raising awareness. I would love to send you a sneak peek at the first seven chapters, or you can visit my twitter page for details on getting the free sneak peek. Would love to share the sneak peek with your readers. Thanks!

    • I would love to see a “peek”, could u tweet me a link and I’ll RT it, thanks. It’s @AutismMumma. Having a bit of a frustrating day, awareness wise.

  4. #autismawareness uk eduction system the process of educational statements help and support !!

  5. Hi, Great blog. Will certainly follow. Take care.

  6. hello
    im 25, and i didnt find out that i had autism until i was 22 years old. i’m writing a book about my life. i’m just astounded when i read about 3 year olds getting diagnosed with autism. my parents were totally unaware that my strange behaviour warranted medical attention.

  7. Hi! I’ve nominated your amazing blog for the Liebster Award (a great way for bloggers to help promote each others’ blogs)! I did this because of your work in helping increase Autism Awareness.

    Check it out:

  8. […] can I tell you about me and my […]

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