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“O-love you” Valentine’s Day gift idea – Product Review

We’ve had the Vinyl Wall Clocks gift idea and the cookies and cake suggestion for Valentine’s Day, today’s gift idea is something to appeal to those green-fingered amongst us and will last longer than a bunch of flowers.

With this in mind, Plants 4 Presents sent me one of their “O-love you” trees to take a look at, an olive tree (very clever use of words there).

The plant came very securely packaged in its cardboard box:

And once inside the box, it was securely and attractively surrounded by tissue paper:



Here’s the “O-love you” tree, it came in a lovely pail and a red ribbon:


Plant tonic and a gift card were also included, together with a care sheet:


As someone who has managed to ignore and exterminate a slider plant before, this is the perfect plant. It’s happily been on my (sunny) bathroom window sill for a week and is already showing new shoot growth.

There are plenty of other plants available on Plants 4 Presents website and I was really impressed with the packaging and care of the plant prior to shipment, having previously ordered garden plants who’ve arrived broken or damaged.

Really happy to recommend anything I’ve featured in the run-up to Valentine’s Day.

Disclaimer: I received an olive tree for the purpose of this review, these are my words and I was not paid for this post.

Delicious ideas for Valentine’s Day – Product Review

Last week I reviewed Vinyl Wall Clocks, a wonderfully quirky gift idea, to view the post click here.

Today it’s a more foodie suggestion, both very individual and perfect for Valentine’s Day/Mother’s Day/birthdays etc.

The whole family have really enjoyed testing these two products out this week.

Firstly we reviewed a cake that fits through your letterbox from Bakerdays. Yes really and here’s the proof:


Once the box is opened, the cake is very secure inside a lovely embossed tin:


Here’s the personalised cake out of its packaging, I choose from one of the many designs on the website and you also have a choice of sponge too.



Delivery is included in the price and I think these letterbox cakes are a wonderful way to brighten up someone’s day, there’s no collection involved and if no-one’s in at the time of delivery, it’s waiting on the mat for their return. Tastes delicious too!

The Bakerdays website details are available here.

Our next foodie suggestion is from the Queen of Hearts Cookie Company.

As the name suggests, these are cookies, but with a difference. They are absolutely beautiful and almost (almost but not quite) too good to eat!



The cookies arrived very securely packaged in gift boxes. There’s an “Alice in Wonderland” element about the label holding the tissue paper together, saying “E a t me”.

The icing designs are beautiful:

And the general consensus from my taste testers was that they were very very nice.

There are ingredients details and a “best by” date on a label underneath the box, but they definitely would be consumed by then.

There are various categories on the website from Valentine’s, new baby, get well soon etc so a cookie for every occasion.

Both foodie suggestions definitely recommended from us, another gift suggestion will be reviewed next week.

Disclaimer: I received a letterbox cake and a sample of cookies for the purposes of this review. These are my words and I have not been paid for the review.

Thanks for reading Jx 😘

Vinyl Wall Clocks – an idea for Valentine’s Day – Product Review

Music has the ability to conjure up instant memories for me; songs that were playing when Hubbie and I first started seeing each other, our wedding songs, songs that make me happy and not so happy.

I blogged about this here.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I’m going to review an idea for gifts each week.

Today’s idea comes from Vinyl Clocks and here’s some information:

“Vinyl Clocks was born after a fruitless search for an “interesting” clock. There are plenty of plain Ikea type clocks or Station Clocks, but not a lot of fun!

The idea behind Vinyl Clocks is really very simple. Music evokes memories.

You don’t have to hear the music to trigger the memory, just the name of the song, the rest is in your head.

We always look at clocks, so each time you check the time, you get a good memory as well.

The key to the site is that the Customer chooses their special song, and if it’s not on the site they can request it. (approx 25% of our sales are requests). The gift works for nearly all occasions

Valentines Day – Your Partner’s favourite song, your “potential Partner’s” favourite song!








Mother’s Day – Mum’s favourite song / band

Birthday – Number 1 when they were born ( search here on the site) – favourite song etc etc

Christmas – same reasons!

Prices start from £13.95 and all our prices include a battery and P&P.

Prices for the images above are as follows:-

Queen – It’s a Hard Life – £34.95
Queen – Under Pressure / Bohemian Rhapsody – £34.95
Rick Astley – £29.95
ELO – £19.95
David Bowie – £34.95″

I think it’s a brilliant, unique idea and am going to be hunting for our favourite song on the site.

We were sent a sample clock so that I could see the quality etc and it comes in very secure packaging, with clear instructions as to handling and hanging on the wall. T and D were fascinated, they’d never seen a record before.

Disclaimer: words provided by Vinyl Clocks and I was sent a sample clock (The Quick). My views are my own and I was not paid for this blog.