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Music Monday

Here’s today’s Music Monday, one of my favourite songs and it’s very motivational.

It’s Just For You by Midge Ure. There doesn’t seem to be an official video so this is a compilation video from YouTube.

I’ll often play it just before a meeting about T or D to get me in the right frame of mind, have a look at the lyrics and see if you agree.

“JUST FOR YOU by Midge Ure
Just for you, I could fly
Just for you, I could walk the oceans
I would cross all divides
To satisfy your whims and notions
For you, I could break the system
I would take every blow
Survive upon a poor man’s wisdom
And if you want I’d chase the world away
And when you cry I’d kiss the tears away
Just for you, I would cry
Just for you, I would fall down to my knees
And pray that I could raise a love that’s fit to please you
And if you’re lonely I will be with you
If you’re in doubt I’ll tell you what to do
I would take your hand and I’ll lead you through
I’d give my very soul to be with you
And when infatuation fades I’ll still be by your side
I will be there when you call
There’s not one thing I wouldn’t do
That I couldn’t do at all
That I wouldn’t do at all
Just for you, I would change
Just for you, I would break the system
I would take every blow
Survive upon a poor man’s wisdom”

So many of the lyrics could apply to parenting a child:
“…and when you cry I’d kiss the tears away….if you’re in doubt I’ll tell you what to do…I would break the system, I would take every blow….”

For more information about Midge Ure, he has such a fantastic voice and he’s a nice wee laddie, please click here.

Here’s my motivations, each wonderful in their individual ways. Love them both to bits (soppy Mumma).

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Music Monday

BritMums #festiveplaylist at the end.

Today’s Music Monday is “Stay Another Day” by East 17, to see the Christmas video of the song please click here.

This song is my favourite Christmas song, which might surprise people who think I’m a “stuck in the 80’s” girl.

It was number one in the charts for weeks during my eldest’s first Christmas and I’ve got lovely memories of singing along with it to him and him smiling away. I had a couple of years of not knowing if I was going to be a mum so that first Christmas was fantastic.

For more information on East 17, here’s a link to their website.

There’s so much Muzak played in the shops at this time of year, but I’m never tired of hearing this one.

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To link in with the BritMums #festiveplaylist linky, here’s my other four Festive favourites:
Band Aid (original) – Feed The World
Elton John – Step into Christmas
The Pogues – Fairytale of New York
Jona Lewis – Stop The Cavalry


Music and Motivational Monday

Here’s today’s Music Monday , dedicated to Mr Bluecrisps.

A completely different song to the one it was going to be today but it’s going to make him smile. We’ve had quite a weekend of family matters and he doesn’t want to be at work today, but being self-employed, needs must.

This song was played at our wedding reception and, we were meant to dance it together (natch) but I had to take my (then) 8 year old to the toilet, so Hubbie danced it with his mum! Something we look back on and laugh about.

Madonna is a marvel, just when you think she’s going to stop making music, she reinvents herself and comes back, all flexible and bendy!

We have quite a few of her albums and I think “True Blue” and “Ray of Light” must be our favourites.

I’m not going to analyse the lyrics, it’s a special song to us and this, together with our lovely children, will keep us focused and “keeping calm and carrying on” (ish).




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Music Monday, Motivational Monday

Here’s my “Music Monday” today, there’s about a 5 second advert at the start and then it’s Roxette – Joyride.

I’d forgotten quite how much I liked this song until I heard it again last week. The lyrics (“hello, you fool, I love you”) ahem, Mr Bluecrisps seem very apt to life at the moment.

And, this could describe my lovely D perfectly:

“Oh, she’s the heart of the funfair, she’s got me whistling her private tune.

She’s a flower, I can paint her, she’s a child of the sun. We’re a part of this together, could never turn around and run.”

Not forgetting the video, when I watched it, I remembered how I wanted some harlequin leggings too (no chance now haha!). Totally love the guitar riffs (is that the right word?) too.

Roxette – if you don’t know – are a Swedish duo (Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessie) most popular in the late 80’s and 90’s but still performing to wide acclaim today. Made all the more impressive by Marie’s successful recovery from a brain tumour in 2002.

People would probably remember “It Must Have Been Love” from the film “Pretty Woman”.

I really enjoyed re-discovering this song for today’s “Music Monday” – another one next week.

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And my Motivation:



Motivational Music Monday

Music has always played a massive part in my life – it makes life colourful (that’s a link to my previous post).

There are songs that make us very happy as a family – Firework by Katy Perry; there are mine and Hubbie’s wedding reception and falling-in-love-to songs; there are songs that remind me of my first husband leaving me and prior to that, my two angel babies (I can’t listen to any Enya songs, at all) and there are songs that I listen to on the way to picking up D.

This is my current favourite Live by Ultravox (I love the lyrics) and I put my ear-worms in (why are they called that, btw?) and stomp through the “deep dark wood” – as D calls it – to her school.

Such a relief to have a working phone again and my music back. Listening to the lyrics is almost like hearing someone’s blog set to music, it’s their perspectives on experiences, relationships etc and in a sing-along makes-you-happy format.

Can’t be bad, can it?

So my motivation today is music and, of course, my lovely T and D, here’s my favourite picture of them – which is a canvas is our living room – where has the time gone?


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Motivational Monday

Simply but effectively worded posters can say so much, can’t they?

This is why I like the “keep calm and …” range, whatever you’re feeling there’s bound to be an image.

Here are a few of my favourites, all motivational.

These were notebooks in John Lewis, I thought they looked very funny side-by-side:


These next two are probably my mantra – as long as the coffee is decaf and the chocolate is Cadburys:




The last one I’d do well to remember.

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Motivational Monday

Life was different before my lovely T and D came along – both very unexpected blessings.

I worked in the centre of London and was frequently gone by 6.30am, lucky if I was back home within twelve hours, invariably not.

The culture in the heart of the City is very much expresso coffee, running and shoving to get the tube train – never mind there is another one two minutes later – and money, lots of money.

I worked with a bank of secretaries/PAs and it was designer handbags, suits from Austin Reed and who was at their desk the earliest – it all seems laughable now.

My motivation then was to get the work done, then get home and grab some sleep before doing it all again the next day. The weekends were partly taken up with working on a laptop, trying to keep up with things.

Somehow during this experience, I found the time to get married to Hubbie and get pregnant with T.

And then my priorities changed.

I became a stay-at-home mum. D arriving 18 months after T.

My motivation now is completely different. With the (quite flipping daunting) prospect of T being on the autistic spectrum as well, my desire to
raise both awareness and – more importantly – acceptance of autism and the special needs community has drastically increased.

(I say “daunting” only because T will potentially have this “label” inflicted upon him and although he will still be my wonderful T, Society may decide to perceive him differently. T and D are at very different ranges too, both intellectually and emotionally).

So, here are my Motivations, my reason you’re reading this post:


Thank you for reading, comments/RTs/shares as ever welcomed Jx 😘


Motivational Monday

Not a great deal of flu-brain motivation today, but this is buzzing around my head!

Circus Afro song



Motivational Monday

These guys are my motivation to keep going, keep spreading awareness of those disabilities we can’t see…





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