Me and my girl and boy, raising awareness and acceptance of autism

Now this is just weird…is it a result of being together for nearly 13 years or something else?

I am a purple and black girl. Not bruising, but colour choices. Today, for example is:

Grey glittery fitflops (yes, I didn’t check the forecast)
Black trousers
Grey swing-your-pants waterfall-type top
Purple/pink/grey striped scarf

And that’s kind of how I rock. Bit of grey occasionally, lots of purple, lots of black. It’s me.

I joined eBay about a month ago, primarily to offload some bits and pieces and then you start searching and finding things you didn’t know you wanted (?).

I decided what I wanted, what I really really wanted, was a pair of Doc Martens, the brighter the better. Found some, did a bit of bidding, won them, kept schtum as we ladies do….

The parcel arrived this morning, Hubbie was there when it arrived and he said:
“What’s that?”
My reply … Enigmatically … “Wait and see” as I wasn’t really sure how he’d take to his wife in DMs.

Before I could open the parcel, he said “they’re pink boots”.


Lol, how did he know? He has no idea of how to use the apps on my phone and wouldn’t have a nose anyway.

Weird, just weird!


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