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It’s Thursday and I’m linking up with @VicWelton at for Prose4T.

Today’s poem came about as a result of a little old lady I saw on the bus earlier this week. I had my sunglasses on so was looking over in her direction in a bored-commuter type of way.

She had at least six rings on each of her middle and ring fingers. First of all, I was thinking “ouch, that must restrict her movement” and then I wondered about why she’d have so many on. Random thoughts which turned into this:

Knuckle-dusting Grandma

Sparkling rings glistening in the sunshine,
Each one has a tale to tell.
Anniversaries, births and legacies,
Memories to make her heart swell.

Six rings on each finger, must be painful,
Covering over finger joints.
Rings of love, can’t choose between them,
She’s wearing each one to prove a point.

Beautiful jewels that last a lifetime,
Passed down before her, will carry on.
Her descendants will wear and marvel,
At the jewels after she is gone.

But for now, it’s time to leave her,
Off the bus, she heads for lunch,
Watch out muggers, don’t consider it,
All those rings will pack a punch!


Comments on: "Knuckle-dusting Grandma #Prose4T" (20)

  1. Sparkly & pretty, moving & witty, love the juxtaposition of the feminine lady wearing such elegance, & having the potential to deck someone!

    • Thank you, I was a bit worried at first that she had so much “on show” but she’d definitely pack a good punch with them on 🙂

  2. Love the idea of this character! I especially like this line She’s wearing each one to prove a point. The title is brilliant, made me grin immediately.

  3. Yes, god help any mugger who tries to mug this cool grandma.

    Loved it 🙂

    Popping over via #prose4t


  4. What a wonderful take on such an interesting sight. Brilliant x

  5. It would be easy to judge that lady with her ring ladden fingers but you have made a lovely point, they are there for a reason and each one with a story to tell. That said I wouldn’t like to cross her in a dark alley!!

  6. judithkingston said:

    Brilliant! You should never underestimate old ladies, they’ve had a lifetime to plot their revenge… Love the contrast between the lovely memories behind the rings and their potential physical impact.

  7. this is fab jeannette, it made me laugh! xx

  8. I love the contrast in this poem between lovely sweet memories and that those memories hold another meaning too – to protect her :). Fab! Thank you so much for linking up xx

  9. sarahmo3w said:

    Fab poem! Very funny, but also very true – they must all mean something special to her 🙂

  10. Love this poem, the ‘twist’ at the end really made me smile!

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