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I’m linking up with Vic Welton at for #Prose4T today.

Apologies, this poem seems a bit crass in light of the truly sickening events in Woolwich yesterday.

To give a little bit of background, we have a S*ny V*io laptop, which has been renamed cr*ptop! It’s incredibly slow and just about manages to power up, spluttering away. It would take all day to do anything blog-related so I don’t attempt that.

Every so often there’s sleazily-portrayed stories in a weekly magazine I buy about people becoming so attached to their cars of trucks that they marry them, this isn’t one of those attractions, just a major case of computer envy!

I’m in love with…

Goodness me, I’m in love with an iMac.
A 27″ screen if you please.
This isn’t a smutty story in a magazine,
I don’t want to marry it, it’s not sleaze.

I always stroll into the Apple store
And load up my blog.
It looks all shiny and gorgeous,
Well worth the job.

But look out the window,
Are those piggies flying by?
It’s a heck of a lot of money,
I’ll save up to do it, I will try.

Wait for me, you shiny big iMac,
Wait for me please,
I’ll compute with you one day,
But I’ve already said, no sleaze!!”


Comments on: "#Prose4T I’m in love with…" (14)

  1. Highly amused by this, I have just got a new one as the other drove me insane – it was ten years old! It is for my job so I was stuffed before. Anyway, they offer a mac for £50 a month on payment plan. The fact that I’ll be paying that for 2 years is not worth thinking about! It is shiny. It is gorgeous. And it’s taken me ten years but I now know how to type the hashtag key – it does have one after all!!!!

  2. I love Apple products. I got an macbook pro last year and I would never go back to a PC. The Apple store is a dangerous place though!

    • It definitely is. I think the Apple Store has been in our shopping centre for year and a half, easy to spend way too much time in there! Kids love it too (fortunately)!

  3. ACE! I want one too. They are beautiful pieces aren’t they?! Wonderful poem love it x

    • Thank you, they’re just so flipping good aren’t they. Hubbie couldn’t understand why I like them so much until I showed him how fast they are. Hey ho…sticking with cr*ptop for the foreseeable!
      Thanks for reading and the comment 🙂

  4. I would sell my kidneys for one!! so loved this poem honey 🙂 xxxxx

    • Aww thanks, I’m really enjoying writing a little one every week. Used to write loads when I was a teenager – first love angst and all that, lol! – must try and find them! X

  5. I’d love a Mac or a Macbook. We can all dream! Maybe one day!

  6. I am so with you on wanting one of these – and this poem sums it up nicely. Great writing as ever lovely, thanks for linking to Prose for Thought 🙂 x

  7. Loved the poem! I have MAC envy- I use my husbands laptop and I’d love an ipad/mac of my own!

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