Me and my girl and boy, raising awareness and acceptance of autism

I’m linking up with Vic Welton for #Prose4T. Have a look at the posts linked up, there’s some lovely diversity on there.

My contribution today is one I wrote for last week but didn’t get around to linking.

It has been, and continues to be, an absolute Rollercoaster of a week this week.

My two children may now both have autism “labels”, this doesn’t mean that they don’t have wishes and dreams like everyone else, just theirs tend to be more pronounced.

My Little Dreamers

My sleeping children, sometimes faintly snoring.
What are you dreaming of, I wonder?

My sports-mad T will dream of GOALs!
Playing as a team, passing, scoring.
Putting on a shirt for England, that’s his dream.
Running out at Wembley, with a proud beam.

My lovely D dreams of flying.
Flying like a butterfly, soaring high.
Dancing over fields of daisies and flowers.
Soaring without a care, in a bright blue sky.

But all too soon the night passes.
Sleepy heads rise, to start another day.
Dreams are forgotten about for the moment,
The school run beckons, off on our way.



Comments on: "My Little Dreamers – #Prose4T" (10)

  1. A wonderful poem and I can read a mother’s love in every line xx

  2. Gorgeous. I often wonder what they dream of when tucked in bed and so peaceful. The photo of your son is lovely x

  3. I love watching LUCAS sleep and this is gorgeous. I do wonder (or try not to) wonder about what Lucas dreams of!!!! x

  4. Lovely thoughts of your children’s dreams. All the best xx

  5. awww this is beautiful honey xx

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