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As regular blog readers will know, D loves drawing and crafting. She also really enjoys painting and getting messy, sometimes it’s nice to paint without it getting everywhere – clothes, hands, surfaces, walls etc.

This is where these fantastic PlayColor paint sticks have proved very popular (and mess-free).


We were sent a pack of 12 very vibrant colours to try out. The sticks twist up once the top is taken off, a bit like a glue stick.


Applying to paper softly, they’re similar to a crayon effect, they can be pressed firmer for solid colour. The drawings are dry to the touch virtually immediately, when pressed with the finger on the solid colour there’s a very slight colour but it’s not a paint-like-stain at all.




With D’s Easter chick drawing (above), she put white over black over yellow, with no mixed effects that you’d get from traditional paints.

As usual *sigh* we’ve had help from the family cats, but no painted paw prints or multi-coloured backsides for them today!


A definite recommendation from us, the paints are available from Amazon – click here for a link – retailing at £8.78 for a pack of 12, other pack sizes/colourways available.

Disclaimer: we were sent a pack of paint sticks for the purpose of this review.

D carried on drawing, this is her on a rainbow.


Comments on: "PlayColor solid paint sticks from @BrianCleggArt – Product Review" (2)

  1. I love the look of these – so easy to clear away after a painting session, think I’ll be buying a set for the little ones to share.

    • They are brill, K, and so non-messy. Usually the moggies would have contributed by walking paint everywhere. D liked the painting over element too x

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