Me and my girl and boy, raising awareness and acceptance of autism

It was a lovely day yesterday, jam-packed full of fun but it’s been very nice to have a day at home today.

Both T and D were tired after yesterday’s day out and we did an egg hunt this morning. Separate sets of eggs for both, D’s identified by the plain but colourful wrappers, T’s by the “Where’s Wally” wrappers. D found hers very quickly, T took longer, getting frustrated that he couldn’t spot them straight away (they were hidden next to each other in all cases, D knowing not to take T’s).

We’ve discussed the significance of today, which I think they both understood.

The time change doesn’t appear to have effected them, D is very governed by what the clock says and knows the position of the hands for lunch. tea and bath time, she has stuck to those times today! Irrespective of whether her tummy tells her otherwise.

They’ve been (most of the time) considerate of each other, which has made a change and been very nice to see, whether it’s been the chocolate infusion or they’re still weary from yesterday..not sure.

We stuck to the minimum amount of chocolate, D not content until it had all been devoured, chocolate beard was not the word, bless her! T, on the other hand, preferring to nibble and savour.

Both looking forward to the time off school and a change to make some more happy memories, autism and routines permitting.

T made up a joke tonight:

Which Premier League team eats a lot of ice-cream?
Aston Van-illa!

Here’s a few more pictures from yesterday:

D’s favourite out of the gentler rides:


Happy grins say it all:



Giving a camel the hump!


BIG Lego spider!


I hope the day has gone well for everyone and that the time change hasn’t affected too many. Comments/RTs/shares as ever welcomed, thanks for reading Jx 😘



Comments on: "Calmly chomping chocolate! Sun 31.03.2013" (4)

  1. Lovely to hear you all had a fab day at Legoland. Our family love it there. And with the exit passes it makes the day a billion times more pleasurable indeed. Glad Easter Sunday went well and heres hoping for peaceful half term. We can only hope hahaha. Thanks again for the blog J xxx

  2. So sad I missed you as would of been so lovely to meet u finally. Little man had a huge meltdown 15 minutes after cinema. Also had Alfie nephew who also has autism. Little man eventually calmed down and we had a great day after all. I did have some rude lady say that having a scream brat shouldn’t warrent him to queue jump as had disability pass! Thing was he was trying to queue which caused the meltdown bless him. Anyhow I told her that having a big mouth doesn’t mean she shouldn’t know when to shut it, smiled and walked off lol. Glad kids had great day. Off to Butlins for holiday wish me luck. Ps lovely pics.x

    • Thanks C, enjoy Butlins. We encountered some stares etc which promoted some cross internal thoughts, shame people can’t just live and let live. Hope they had a good time despite unnecessary attitudes x

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