Me and my girl and boy, raising awareness and acceptance of autism

My T (10 year old son) is obsessed by statistics, we call him “our little stat man”. He loves reading match reports for football, finding out who scored and when, who’s been red/yellow carded and the league tables.

He puts this same enthusiasm and thirst for statistics into everything, a journey is planned with duration and locations, a shopping trip is detailed out by where and when we visit particular shops (there is no sneaking into Phase Eight for me), if it’s not on “the list”, we don’t go in!

I was really pleased to be asked to trial History Heroes with T, cards packed full of educational and informative facts – similar to Top Trumps – but the advantage is that you’re learning as you’re playing.


This is how History Heroes came about (from the website):

“History Heroes Ltd is a Sussex based company created by History teacher Harry Hastings and Ian Curtis.

Harry has been referred to as, “The Jamie Oliver of History!”

There are 2 games available at present but more are in production as we speak.

We are working on a game all about Shakespeare and his plays and British
Sporting Heroes. Let us know your thoughts!

The games are all about SOCIAL LEARNING and getting children and families to communicate, learn and work together in the pursuit of knowledge and fun!

It is indeed


as said by Professor Max Jones of Manchester University.”

There are six ways to play the card game:



A favourite way for us to play was “who ruled the longest” in the Monarchs set and “who ranks the highest” in Athletes.

Here’s T’s favourite cards, either because he’s recently studied them at school or London 2012:




Anything that encourages learning through social play is a definite benefit!

Recommended from us for the different ways you can play; the educational aspect and the interaction they provide!

The packs are priced at £7.99 each and available here from the History Heroes website (click for the link).

Disclaimer: we received two packs of cards for the purpose of this review.



Comments on: "Harry Hastings’ History Heroes – social learning with these great cards" (2)

  1. We bought a pack of these-they’re really great fun and have loads of ‘play’ value!

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