Me and my girl and boy, raising awareness and acceptance of autism

Four days to go, that was our mantra this morning. T and D have both worked hard this half term, both need the break from school but not a break from routine.

That and the fact that we’re going to Legoland on Saturday – woohoo! They run an “exit pass” scheme which – as long as I remember to take the relevant documentation – ensures that we won’t have to queue for rides, something that has always proved very challenging in the past. There is nothing worse than being stuck in a queue, both children moaning, disapproving looks all round and the knowledge that if D got overwhelmed and bolted, we’d be back to square one….literally.

So, it was a happy T that bounced along to school (he walks on the balls of his feet), excited about the shorter week; but a more reluctant D, it’s like she doesn’t want to wait, she wants the good times to happen now.

It was a very tired D I collected at the end of the day, no body-slam for me, just a very cuddly exhausted-looking girl. Her TA tried to jolly her up, reminding her they’re making Easter nest cakes tomorrow (yum yum) but she just wanted her Mumma.

She brightened up at home, happier in her surroundings and tonight we’ve had “The Duck Song” again, but D singing it constantly – with all the dialects and pauses, her memory for songs is amazing.

T’s had a good day on the whole, he did come home with pen all over his nose because he finished his work early and “got bored”. He does have ICT time at the end of every day as he finishes his work before everyone else, he’s ready for the challenges of secondary school now, even though he’s in year 5 (academically that is, not emotionally). School have said previously that they can’t give him any harder work as they don’t have anything behind year 6 that they are able to set him. It will be a challenge during the next two weeks keeping him occupied if the weather doesn’t become a bit more seasonal.

So, four days to go has now become three days to go, little bit closer to that break.

I hope everyone’s had a good day, comments/RTs/shares as ever welcomed, thanks for reading. I linked in with Magic Moments today over at The Olivers Madhouse, if was good to remember how and why I started blogging.



Comments on: "Countdown to the holidays! Mon 25.03.2013" (2)

  1. How can T’s school say that they can’t offer him the appropriate work for his level? That’s disgraceful. My eldest was doing secondary maths in a group all on her own when she was in the last year of primary, they had to fetch the books from the high school, but that’s the level she was at. Can you complain if it becomes a problem?

    Hope the Easter cakes go well tomorrow and you get your body-slam. Got my first ever one this afternoon and it was wonderful!

    • I’m so glad you’ve had the body-slam, it’s lovely and my D will knock me down one day!
      It’s normally Hubbie who goes to the parents evenings as I’m at home with D but I’m going to raise this after Easter.
      Thanks xx

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