Me and my girl and boy, raising awareness and acceptance of autism

It’s been a much better day today, all about this little chappie:


“The Duck Song” – you can watch the YouTube link here – it’s been played over and over today, we are word-perfect in it and D has the accents down to a tee.

I was a bit concerned when she asked if she could watch it and said they watched it on YouTube at school, and that it “was the one at the top” as beneath it are some parodies with awful comments (as you can imagine) but I’m sure any Internet browsing is well supervised.

So, it has been watched and enjoyed. It’s been a good prompt for discussion as to why the lemonade seller got annoyed and how his facial expressions changed and, of course, a very catchy/annoying little tune that stays with you.

We’ve had our bubble-blowing too, a nice giggly popping time. The bitter wind carried them away too quickly to photograph but it was nice to see D laughing as they blew away, sometimes very fast!

T’s had a good day too – in between grumps over his homework – he’s very into slapstick comedy (Mr Bean, Laurel and Hardy etc) and he and Hubbie have wound down enjoying that, whilst D and I were occupied with The Duck Song.

It’s a four-day school week for both this coming week, it’s no surprise that we’re all looking forward to the break. Both T and D suffer without the routine of school, even though they’d never admit it, so I’ll write on our whiteboard what and when our plans are, something visual will help.

I hope everyone’s had a good day (apologies in advance for The Duck Song!), thanks for reading. Comments/RTs/shares welcomed J



Comments on: "Hey, got any grapes? Sun 24.03.2013" (4)

  1. Omg face loved the duck song! Small world ey 😀

  2. That video is awesome. My boys love it and we used it the other night to settle some grumpiness in the car. Glad to see others love it too

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