Me and my girl and boy, raising awareness and acceptance of autism

It’s nice and sunny, a New Year and it’s finally decided to stop raining. We decided it would be a good idea to burn off some Christmas calories and do a “mile for autism”.

If you’re not familiar with this, please take a look at @clkh_’s blog and if you’d like to walk/run/jog a mile please let Charlotte know/leave a comment below.

Here’s our mile:

Seen off by one of the cats, who’s more like a guard dog than a cat.


Garden is a tad muddy, think I’ll give the gardener (moi) some time off until it dries out a bit.


This stream is normally very very shallow, last week it was over-flowing into the road. Never seen it so high.


Past the play area:


This was the start of our mile, we were going to walk all the way around the lake near us and feed the ducks.



Off we set, D happily going on ahead, she likes it when there’s no other people around.


Past the tree that thinks it’s a mushroom!


A quick pit-stop at the bench made from another tree and then more duck-feeding:




Tree shot!


Nearly half-way around:



Water gauge and “hello ducks”!



More lake shots, we’re so lucky to have this close by:



Wonder if he caught anything?


Entering the woodland bit which means we’re nearly done.


D’s wheels needed a good wash, they were very muddy!


Nearly home..


Please either leave a comment below if you are able to help Charlotte or contact her on twitter at @clkh_

Thanks for reading, please use the share buttons below to help raise autism awareness Jx 😘


Comments on: "Happy New Year – our “Mile for Autism” #team365" (4)

  1. Reblogged this on 365 Miles and commented:
    Thank you J and family for completing another mile 🙂 xxx

  2. FREEDOM MAN said:

    Hi Autism Mamma mia , here we talk again, Mamma feeling rather isolated , ,

    A caring mum you seem to be well set up sight, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 , going to be evn more UN-LUCKY 2013 for many disability families, adults with Austism, Epilepsey, mental illness, Depression with these WELFARE CUTS in deeper Recession start a blog against the Tories ha, I ended up Homeless on New Years eve there not told by Bus company Recent Cuts they were calling off the last Sat service at 21.00 hours last one new yrs eve went at 19.30 before fireworks festival I attended by myself great travellor experiencer journey 3 hours from home but missed last bus become homeless 31st Dec – into 1st Jan 2013 all rooms booked out B&B & Budget hotels after 9.30 I wondered hilly streets up down to found midnight mass church alter to keep dry as kept raining on/ off stayied there all new yrs eve felt isolated lonesome as much times do , I luckly had double clothing on me, tablets, food drinks, tablets herbal remedies with me incase of stop over but out in cold 1st ever at 34 once 2 yrs in Malta it happened missing last connection into resort Aunt rang Policia etc to I returned next day no mobile would work there least it was more Warmer relaxing in Malta. I need a helping from Autsim friends, Housing support paid for you, I failed 13 attempts I made online last year for learning disability housing as they want doctors assessment but he won’t do them charges too much money need support change of scenar new friends, shopping my main past time on trains to centres etc.. travel companion I am lost for mum with eye contion and un-employment un-dateable ha not go abroad anymore lucky once a yr if aunty takes me can you offer me comfort, support, help, free groups, single dating ,best self referral housing group helps anyone ? My main interests, discovering new routes historic buildings, travel, shops, interest herbal remedies cures for all, internet searchings, being independent , datable, parks, walking groups, nature etc LETS MOVE ON – FORWARD NOT BACK help at hands with similar mild form disabilities become new friends – friendship connection


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