Me and my girl and boy, raising awareness and acceptance of autism

It’s felt more like a weekend day than a Christmas holiday today, both T and D very happy doing their own thing. Apart from poor T with his heavy cold our snuffles and sneezes are much better.

In T’s case, he’s been playing on his Nintendo DS XL (new Mario game) and also Skylanders, D was the assistant!


And D has been happily playing with some packing material from a parcel we received, she spent ages rolling the material into tiny balls. Similarly paper in notebooks, the paper gets ripped out and rolled up.


Said parcel was a yummy scrummy surprise from Cadbury, just as we thought the Christmas chocolate had gone!

D got slightly confused as, taking after her Mumma, she does like chocolate but the different sizes caused her some anxiety (different wrappings too).

There was a lot more chocolate than that, but that picture demonstrates the different sizes of the dairy milk. With the smallest one, I had to unwrap it completely and let her sniff it before she was convinced it was ok.

Speaking of food in disguise, we watched “Heston’s Fantastical Food” this week, which focused on Christmas food. I was interested to see how T and D would react as HB’s final products do not look like food!

The episode didn’t disappoint with edible baubles, tree lights and the biggest Christmas pudding ever!

D was enthusiastic and fascinated by it all, T thought it all very silly and said so a few times!


Which just goes to show how I can’t always judge how T or D will react! They are a constant learning curve for me, bless them.

The title of today’s blog comes from what D said this afternoon, now that the formality of Christmas is over, she’s happy doing activities that she enjoys/calm her.

Bunny has had a good day too, with her new buddy!


I hope everyone’s had a good end to the week, please use the “share” buttons below to comment/RT and help raise autism awareness, thanks for reading Jx 😘



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