Me and my girl and boy, raising awareness and acceptance of autism

These are T (age 10) and D’s (age 8.5) entries for the Team Skylander competition, being run by Tots100.

T’s entry is “Fire Hood”.
A good wizard with the following powers:
Uses his wand to launch flames of fire;
Burns enemies in front of him and
Sends minions of himself and attacks enemies.



D’s is “Bombing Bunny”
In D’s words “she shoots carrot bombs and when they reach the ground they explode” (readers of my blog will be very familiar with Bunny!)



They would be overjoyed to be picked and assist in reviewing future toys and games!


Comments on: "Can we join Team Skylanders please" (5)

  1. Oh I do hope your one of those selected. I did a poll and it came back that its big interest for those on autism spectrum. Would love to see some reviews of the toys from u guys.x

    • Thanks, they both put a lot of effort into their drawings, they’d be gutted if we’re not selected so a last-minute trip to town might be necessary!
      T isn’t much of a draw-er, more a writer, so it was interesting to put their drawings together and see different styles.
      I’ve got a few posts to read so I’ll look forward to reading the one you mentioned x

  2. Little man isn’t big draw as his poor fine motor skills make this difficult. He just loves to do it all on a computer. Good luck I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for them both. X

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