Me and my girl and boy, raising awareness and acceptance of autism

Why I blog

There’s no diary post tonight, I’m going to quote “unforeseen circumstances”. Tomorrow’s will be a combination of the two days.

This picture says it all:


There she is, my brown-haired, blue-eyed girl who just happens to also have autism.

I blog for her and the ever-increasing numbers of children and adults who are diagnosed on the autistic spectrum every day.

I could choose not to – and sometimes I really don’t feel like it – but I do.

Disability hate crime is ever increasing on those with physical and mental disabilities. How can those people who bully and intimidate understand something they are not aware of?

The answer is for more autism awareness and acceptance, that is why I blog.

Thanks for reading Jx

Comments on: "Why I blog" (4)

  1. […] first time since 5th March that I hadn’t written a diary blog. Apologies, my replacement one Why I Blog was a little short one in its place, thanks very much for the RTs […]

  2. She is beautiful but I guess you know that. x

  3. […] can’t really say much more, other than I blog not only for autism awareness but acceptance. Looking at my children’s faces, I know […]

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