Me and my girl and boy, raising awareness and acceptance of autism

Yes, I know that’s meant to be “oooh aaah” (as in pleasure) but “oooh argh” is more appropriate!

The day started off really well, lovely autumnal school run again 🍂🍃🍁, D had her ten swings at the park, we saw (very briefly) the cat that always comes up to her and then we entered….the leaf zone! This is a road near school, loads of trees shedding their leaves all over the road and in the gardens. Lots of leaf, conker and pine tree bobble collecting, my bag was absolutely full by the time we got to school!

I had written a note in her home-school diary regarding the lack of information (ie. it was mentioned/recorded) over her bang to the head yesterday so was hoping for an explanation later.

So, our journey in was the “oooh”, now for the “argh”!


A very different D when I collected her, running from one side of the classroom to the other, with a panicked look on her face. Her teacher said that they had spoken to D about the importance of telling someone if something happened – D had told me she did tell someone she’d hurt her head & who – so I don’t know, maybe she was misunderstood. But I do know that she isn’t communicating with them if things go wrong at school and saving up this emotion – whether negative or positive – which is then let loose as soon as she sees me/continues on the way home and at home. When I (gently) ask her why she hadn’t told anyone, she says she’s “too shy”.

The outbursts continued at home, a very sensitive D.

I’m not sure how to carry this forward, she doesn’t like writing so I can’t suggest that she writes it down, perhaps drawing it? Any suggestions welcomed.

So, it’s been an up-and-down day but the main thing is she’s settled – after her melatonin – a new day beckons tomorrow.

So that’s our day, fingers crossed for a better one tomorrow. I hope everyone’s had a good Tuesday. Comments/RTs/shares as ever welcomed, thanks for reading Jx 😘



Comments on: "Tuesday 9th October – ooh argh, just a little bit!" (4)

  1. It’s always so difficult to find out what happens at school!! When I was at work we used to give our kids a coloured card or picture to just leave on the teachers desk if they felt unwell or there was a problem. Didn’t work for everyone but was great for those who were too shy to tell someone if there was a problem. Even if they wouldn’t explain we at least knew something had happened and could talk to their parents at hometime!

    Another great blog!!
    Thank you lovely lady


    • Thanks Gill, that must have worked really well. I guess it’s going to be hit-and-miss until I can find something that works. Shame she’s too young (both physically and mentally) for a phone because she’d probably text me whenever something happened, bless her xx

  2. said:

    Have a tried Velcro communication books. We used them in the nursery and they worked well. Children that didn’t want to talk picked up the book and velcrod what they wanted to say or what they wanted on to a blank page. I will try and find a link for you if you want.

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