Me and my girl and boy, raising awareness and acceptance of autism

I think I’ve had more worries than D today I reckon, still thinking about the “Growing Children” programme, debating what to do. Whilst at the same time, keeping to the routines for D, making sure T and the two children we had today were entertained.

The finger biting has had a day off today because, I presume, that D has been able to withdraw herself from situations as we were at home. There were a few times when she did seek solace in her room, usually when things weren’t going as she wanted them/the boys combined all became too much for her.

The windy rainy weather has had one advantage today, the wind spinners have been going at full pelt in the garden. D has been fascinated by them spinning and the different colours that the spinning produces.




D has seemed to sense that I’m feeling a bit out-of-sorts tonight, I didn’t get a picture but a lovely note instead:


Something like that means more than the biggest bunch of flowers because D doesn’t write that often, she prefers her drawing, writing is “hard work”.

I need to go and watch Eric Idle from the closing ceremony!! Guaranteed to bring the positivity back!

I hope those that have gone back to school today have had a good day and everyone else has too. Comments/RTs as ever welcomed, thanks for reading Jx 😘



Comments on: "Wednesday 15th August – transference of anxieties" (4)

  1. Love the quote today. Life is about dancing in the rain. Love D letter she is so expressive. I get lots of this stuff from my big son but we are still hoping for this from our little guy. It’s wonderful when they say I love you. Means so much x

  2. Do you know when I watched that program about Autism I tried to think back to when I was at school and I don’t remember knowing any children that were diagnosed autistic. I don’t even remember any children with the behaviour that was shown ie kicking and biting their mum.Actually, if I saw that behaviour now eg in a supermarket , I wouldn’t think” misbehaved child ” I’d think there’s an issue ; that the child and parents need help with.The overload must be horrendous.The 15 year old who couldn’t go close to the Freezer compartment in the supermarket because the sound was too upsetting.It worries me that children today are suffering from mass overstimulation. I mean even I am worn down at work and get stressed. I think D is a lovely girl and I hope the future develops in a way she makes the most of her abilities. I feel optimistic really, I don’t know why but I do. Really enjoy your blog. So keep up the good work even when you don’t feel like it. X

    • Thank you 🙂 thinking back I don’t remember anyone like that either but I think institutions and such like were still rife. I temped in one once, eye opening experience.

      I guess the realisation hit me – following on from watching that programme – that I do need to press forward and see if my other child is on the spectrum, for
      his sake as much as mine & Hubbie’s.

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