Me and my girl and boy, raising awareness and acceptance of autism

So…the Olympics ended last night, I stayed up way too late watching the closing ceremony. Eric Idle was brilliantly bonkers, great British humour. Ice skating nuns and all.

T is looking forward to the Paralympics starting. He’s disappointed that there won’t be the same level of coverage as the Olympics but at least the first week is still in the school holidays. He’s hoping to do a little daily insert in the blog on his views. We’ll get the Olympigs involved in some way too.


Poor D hasn’t had a brilliant day. She was very very teary this morning, I think it’s an offshoot from yesterday and our trip to town. Very cuddly too, not wanting to be too far away from me.

A brief period of respite when the postman delivered her latest “My Animal Farm” books and toys and she was happily playing with them in the back garden until..

Someone strange came through our back gate (the gate has a latch at the very top so that T & D are unable to open it themselves) and a delivery man just opened in and came in, without knocking or going around to the front or anything. D was completely shocked and he mumbled something at her, put down the parcel and left before I caught up with him. Poor D, she couldn’t refer to him as “a man”, just “it”. It really spooked her. She does have a really severe stranger anxiety. Then the supermarket delivery man did the same, despite instructions saying go to the front. So now, that gate is padlocked all the time. She even got upset when Hubbie came home, via the front door as back now very secure.

It just makes me realise that when things happen – which are unexpected
or take her by surprise – then she is not able to communicate that effectively for a while. A worry now and for the future and whereas I’d just think “stupid blooming Tesco’s” and then get on with my day, it stays with D and still effects her hours later.

She hasn’t done any drawing or colouring today which is always a “I’m too anxious” sign.

So, hopefully a restful night for D (but I doubt it), she does tend to relive stranger anxieties specifically, despite Melatonin.

I hope everyone’s had a good day, thanks for reading, comments/RTs as ever welcomed Jx 😘





Comments on: "Monday 13th August – anxieties aplenty" (4)

  1. Lindsey Clarke said:

    Hi Jeanette, on reading this I actually feel extremely annoyed for you. Okay, I know these people have to do their jobs and maybe they think nothing of just walking into someone’s garden but I wouldn’t like someone to do that if my son was in the garden, so god knows how you must feel, particularly when it has affected D so badly. When your lives are based around trying to control situations, you expect the unexpected eg. when you are taking D to school etc, but at home I’m sure you don’t expect strangers to turn up and flip your day on its head. Here’s hoping D feels a bit better tomorrow.

    • Thank you 🙂 I guess (thinking positively) it made me think “well, yes, anyone could walk in the back garden” so security tightened, it’s also worried the hell out of me for the future, but I do anyway. Lessons learnt and the companies concerned will not be used again if it happens again *gets down from soapbox* 🙂

  2. My boss’ son is an American Paralympian, and I look forward to watching the Paralympics however I can. He is a decorated medalist in track and field and I’m constantly inspired by him.

    I hope D has a better night.

    • That’s brilliant that you know someone personally taking part *yay*.

      It’s a shame that it all seems to be “over” as far as flags in shops, London 2012 merchandise being reduced/removed from display. Much reduced TV coverage too. It’s not! Two weeks tomorrow the Paralympics will start and we’ll def be watching!

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