Me and my girl and boy, raising awareness and acceptance of autism

Artwork by D

Updated with D’s comments

This post is for, who wanted art by artists with autism.

D is my 8 year old daughter with autism. She uses drawing and colouring as her relaxation tool. If there is a day when she refuses to draw/colour, you know there is something very very wrong.


Some of D’s drawings:

This is me, her Mumma:
(additional comment by D: I thought to draw that so you (J) can be happy and proud and think I’m the nicest girl in the world)


A freehand Dragon:
(additional comment by D: this is Spyro giving me (D) a ride and trying to burn evil boys)


D flying:
(additional comment by D: this is me (D) flying over the hill with angel wings)


D as a butterfly:
(additional comment by D: this is D the butterfly who comes in my dreams. Do you know why I dream about her? Because she can fly and she rescues me from the DVDs – one of her anxieties)


D and her brother:
(additional comment by D: this is me and T, it’s about when T and me become adults)


Animals and their babies:



Her favourite toy, Bunny:
(additional comment by D: that’s Bunny and there’s a drawing of her. Bunny is my favourite toy and in my dream, she comes to life)



D on a giraffe!
(additional comment by D: this is me riding my favourite wild animal, a giraffe)

D says she likes drawing because:
I like drawing because it’s fun. I learnt to draw when I was little.

I hope you enjoy looking at these lovely, positive pictures as much as we do!

Thanks for looking,
Jeannette aka @AutismMumma 😘

Comments on: "Artwork by D" (7)

  1. Absolutely beautiful. D is very talented. Made my day to see these. Thanks for sharing

  2. These are beautiful happy pictures. My son is not capable of any drawing that would resemble anything, bless him, he’s very good at abstract paintings, with a good sense of colour, but I think if he did a drawing like this, I’d pee in my pants with happiness (as we say in Russia).

    • Awww thanks, D has always loved drawing. Hopefully your little man will find his little niche. His photos were brilliant and your observation about his picture of you was really interesting 🙂

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  5. […] back to the drawing, it is a fantastic release for her. I wrote a post last year which contained examples of her drawings and her explanations of why she’d drawn them, it was […]

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