Me and my girl and boy, raising awareness and acceptance of autism

Saturday 14th July

I had a feeling today would be a difficult day after the very busy and intense week that D had had and I wasn’t wrong.

Any thoughts of giving Bunny a wash today were abandoned, it would have caused far too much anxiety to her.

It’s been a case of trying to keep things calm, whilst entertaining a bouncy T, who couldn’t get outside because of the (never-ending) rain.

We did have a nice spell this afternoon when we snuggled up and looked for “The Banana Song” on YouTube (there are some very strange songs about bananas on there!) and she particularly loved a song from “Despicable Me 2” which was strange because she wouldn’t entertain watching the film at all.

It was all really nice until after we’d finished playing the “Manah Manah” song on my phone and it shuffled on to the next song. She didn’t like it so she bit me, hard on the arm.

I find this aspect of autism very difficult to deal with, you’ve been deliberately hurt because your child didn’t like something but you just have to carry on. I knew why she’d done it but I wanted her calmly to tell me why, which she couldn’t. We had about half an hour of her just saying “sorry” – with a blank look on her face – I tried moving things along with her PECs timetable (no use), in the end the only thing that worked was a bear hug (that deep pressure) and a request that she stopped because it would make me cry.

So, it was a day as anticipated. I hope now that today’s out of the way, she’ll have a better day tomorrow.

Thanks for reading, comments/RTs as ever welcomed Jx 😘



Comments on: "Saturday 14th July" (5)

  1. Hang in there. We have days like that too. My son will hit, kick, bite, headbutt, you name it when he gets to that place where he’s so overwhelmed and can’t articulate what he wants/needs. Usually it’s that bear hug (deep pressure) and an emotional release. I have learned that if I turn things around and tell him how hurt I am it makes him turn it around sooner but I always feel guilty and manipulative doing that. I try not to do it often but there are days when I have to bring out the big guns or I just might hurt someone. :). Hang in there.

    • I SO know what you mean, thank you. The “please stop or I’ll cry” was definitely a last resort after trying everything else! Appreciate your comments x

  2. My I felt the pain of that bite. How easy to strike out against the pain. Thankfully you overcame what would be a natural reaction by an overwhelming desire(love) for a person who you know does not want to hurt you. I suppose the working’s of the Autistic mind may never be understood fully, and the only solution is to accept and deal with it in a practical way, which is what you are having to do every day. I can only wish you well and increasingly feel that to accept reality and work with it in a irrational world is getting more and more common. Where someone deliberately hurts you knowing fine well what they are doing, that is also a reality in today’s world.But your story gives me strength and helps me deal with these situations as they arise.Hope springs from all sorts of unexpected places.

  3. You are so awesome! Funny when they love a song they love a song. My boys liked the despicable me movie but were not a fan of songs. Have a good one super mom!

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