Me and my girl and boy, raising awareness and acceptance of autism

Friday 6th July

Once again, thanks very much for all the 50cent post RTs, way too many to thank individually.

The blog post has taken on a new meaning for me now, it’s showing people who click on it that autism is definitely invisible – all those happy, smiling faces prove it – and if it helps a small percentage of those readers to reconsider autism and not just be aware, but also accept then…job done.

On with our day….

It was a little fraught this morning, D was tired and the little things I would expect her to do – like putting her socks on herself – just weren’t happening.
We still got out on time but it’s hard to accept sometimes that your eight year old daughter still cannot dress herself – albeit in tshirts and leggings due to sensory elements – I know there are motor and dexterity issues but it’s something else to worry about for the future.

We had time after dropping T off for a few minutes at the park that we pass through, here is fearless D – she has definitely got her dads head for heights, not my fear of them:


The object in her hand is “little snake”, something she’d made out of a sock, sellotaped it’s body and drawn a face. Her toys are always named as they are, Bunny is a bunny for example, as is caterpillar – that lack of imagination element I guess.

She walked about half way to school
again, stopping frequently for the snails and slugs – there are SO many! And there was a bit of reluctance when she got to her classroom but was coaxed in with the aid of her TA.

She came out very well, delighted to see me. They’d done a lot of singing practice today, there is a performance next Friday at school to which parents are invited *yay*!

There has been a bit of anxiety around seeing the Olympic torch with school next week again but lots of reassurance given, I so wish I was going with her, the ratio of staff to pupils is very high, I hope it all goes well.

That apart she’s been happy, either reading or wearing down the battery on my phone with the Angry Birds trailer.

A busy weekend ahead for us so she needs to settle well tonight.

Tonight’s picture is via Bev @hodgesclan, she does send me great pictures. This one is perfect for D, she does relax by drawing and colouring. Her pictures are always so positive, full of detail and colourful.


I hope everyone’s had a good day, comments/RTs as ever welcomed, thanks for reading Jx 😘


Comments on: "Friday 6th July" (2)

  1. My NT kids call their budgie Birdy, and my NT daughter calls her blue bunny…well, Blue Bunny!
    I LOVE D’s coat!! XXX

    • Thanks, you’ll probably get a clue as to what the “D” stands for now. Everything is very literal isn’t it? Thanks for reading x

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