Me and my girl and boy, raising awareness and acceptance of autism


Got a few questions buzzing around my head….

Why is this Government attacking the vulnerable and needy in society? Forcing people who are medically incapable of looking for work, taking vital money from others? Causing people to literally worry themselves to death?

Why, when a woman on the Isle of Man goes public because her autistic daughter has been refused DLA renewal and questions that decision, is she mocked and attacked via comments. (The article is RTd on my timeline)

Why did I believe an MP who told me “David had a disabled child, he won’t take anything away from SN children”

Why is the statementing process so long-winded and quite honestly, painful. You want to scream out and say “my child is a human being, not a budget figure”

Why is autism on the increase?

Why has D got autism? Is it me, or Hubbie? Why her and not our two sons?

I walk past a secondary school every day and see all the teenagers laughing, joking, running around without a care and think “don’t they realise how lucky they are?” I know there’s plenty of teenage angst but I can’t envisage D as a care-free teenager. Why? I just can’t.

Just why?


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  1. 1funmum said:

    I’ve spent many years on why? Why me? Why the boys? What caused it? Why is one seeing daily progress and the other not? Why can he make gains in speech? Why don’t people understand? Why does the members of family act out or judge us instead of being supportive ? Why do governments turn there backs after election time? Why is there a sectrum? Why is today hard and yesterday not? Why did I male friends with jurks instead of nice supportive woman? Why is the school system so hard? It never seemed so hard as the student but as the parent of two boys with ASD boy is it hard? Why the hell is therapy so expensive? Why can’t it all be just covered. We have health care in Canada but almost all funding for therapy stops at age five. why do we have to have a system that’s set up with a wait list to be wait listed? Funny real funny that one. Why are parents who have special needs kids judged by parents that don’t have special needs or people who don’t have any kids at all? I’ve come to a few conclusions. Some days for some things you got to say why not. Maybe god is testing my faith today or this has a purpose. Some people are just dicks and jurks and are that way because they choose to be. I mean it takes more work to be kind and show mercy to others but nothing to be a jack ass really. You would never vote for a politian who campaigned on his real promises really you wouldn’t. But the most important thing I’m holding on to right now is if I work hard ignore the negative parts that people throw into the universe. Try hard to make a system work when it’s made of crazy red tape and pray a lot then why won’t be as important because I’ll have beat this thing. Keep bloging keep smiling my dear it’s a crazy world am praying you guys in the UK please pray for us in Canada ok

    • I will, thank you. I was still thinking “why’s” at 2.30am this morning and probably always will. Fingers crossed for all of us x

      • 1funmum said:

        Lmao why makes the world go round. Where would we be with out why? Though. I have to say why put me in a very dark place. With the help of many others and that horrible question why, I found my self depressed. I once was consumed with that question. My goal as a person is to now help others not to go through the dark clouds of depression that often sits over a family dealing with diagnosis and parenting with ASD in the home. I use to feel so alone until I reached out to the local autism chapter in my area. Then I found other mothers just like me. Then I found you and others on line. Mothers all trying to make it through. I realized how many mothers struggle day to day just to get through. Mothers like me shielding there children while the whole world seems to be pressing at their backs. Women like you who blog about the topics that hurt us all like the question why or about what it’s like day to day melt down or storm are putting their necks out there. For the judgement that often brought me to my knees. I thank you for this. It takes a lot. It takes guts. Why you eg. Well this maybe why. Because sometimes those who need a voice and can’t speak need one. Please keep bloging I love reading. I will answer once and awhile cant say we will always agree but can say I will always love and respect you. Much love 1funmum

  2. 1funmum said:

    Sorry for typos I use an iPhone and it has auto correct but it screws up stuff sometimes. Lol

  3. Because that is what the Tories do, protect the rich at the expense of everyone else. Every day I read something or see something on the news that just sickens me. I am actually afraid of what this country will be like as my children are growing up.

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