Me and my girl and boy, raising awareness and acceptance of autism

Sunday 27th May

An interesting one tonight, there’s a burst pipe somewhere in our area so no-one has any water. Very hard explaining to D why there’s no water in the pipes, why she can’t have her usual Sunday hair-wash etc. Makes you realise how much we take a fresh water supply for granted, hopefully it’ll be back soon. T is hoping not, as no water in the area will mean no school!!

Both T and D slept badly last night – too warm – and consequently she’s been very up and down. Very prone to bolting if something hasn’t happened the way she’d like it. I have always asked her to come back and tell me, some times more successfully than others but it’s been a long day. Again, I know I’m very very lucky that she is able to tell me what’s wrong, albeit later. Huge respect and *fist bumps* to the parents who have non-verbal children.

Today’s picture was a rare moment when T & D were in their 3d DS’s, making Mii’s on the Mii Channel and sending them to each other:


The last picture is my cat, Bitsey, she has no shame! Ignore the poor, patchy grass, she’s on where T’s goal goes:


Hope everyone’s had a good day and our water supply is back soon! Thanks for reading, comments/RTs as ever welcomed Jx 😘


Comments on: "Sunday 27th May" (2)

  1. We’re so dependent these days. We had no internet for 5 days a while ago and my kids (and therefore me!) nearly lost their reason.
    Love the cat! XXX

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