Me and my girl and boy, raising awareness and acceptance of autism

That ….just that

When you’ve got your child into school, they’ve got scared by other children and it’s taken some persuading to get them back. The teacher then takes your child by the hand and marches them in, without giving you a chance to say Goodbye or even ask how they are…..that

When you walk past some builders and they say “Cheer up, love, it may never happen” and for a microsecond you think “shall I stop and tell you EXACTLY what’s wrong, that would make you think” ….that

When you’ve had your DLA decision and there it is, in black and white, your child is “disabled” in the eyes of the law….that

When it’s the run-up to your child’s birthday and you can’t stop comparing them to similar-aged NT children and then you feel guilty for doing so….that

When your NT son says that his autistic sister embarrasses him because she waves at strangers and talks to people in lifts at shopping centres and part of you thinks “well done for telling me, thank you for being so open” and another part of you secretly breaks inside….that

When you know that the people reading and commenting on this have more empathy than your own family….that

When typing this has made you want to cry….that



Comments on: "That ….just that" (14)

  1. Totally get and understand every part of THAT! Especially today! 😦
    Big hugs

  2. Sounds like a really bad start to the day honey, I hope this brings a little smile to your face:
    When a complete stranger brightens up your day and offers you their support and understanding – that’s you. When someone champions all that’s good about our chldren – that’s you. When somone doesn’t stop fighting to raise awareness, so that everyone has a better life – that’s you too. When a mother does everything to help, love and support all her chlidren – that’s you as well. J you are an inspiration to me and I’m sure to everyone who knows and loves you, you’re such a speical person I hope you feel much better soon. We’re here with the virtual hugs x x x x x

    • Awwww, thank you. It did feel better once I’d written it down. I think I’m
      still recovering from yesterday tbh. You’ve had a great day 🙂 so pleased xx

  3. Kip McGrath Urmston Tutoring Centre said:

    Cyber hugs to you xxx you really do write beautifully.

  4. That… when reading the post from another mother all you can do is cry because you see yourself in every line…..

  5. I agree with seventhvoice. I reckon I could add a few more ‘That’s – and I definitely know what you mean about wanting to cry when you write.

  6. Faye Forster said:

    Can relate to parts of that post, very touching… Nearly had a little cry myself.

    Big hugs… Faye x

  7. I read all your posts because I can relate to those early years with Ben, my heart goes out to you, we are so blessed to have these special children, Ben has gifted so many with his unconditional love, he changes people, but those first years were so tough, oh and I remembered after reading your post yesterday Ben had ‘babbit’ not dissimilar to your rabbit, but white with a red and white checked jacket I think! I will look up a photo of him at 5 years old holding it! 🙂 keep going your doing great.

  8. thurston said:

    When you really want to reach out and hug every other asd parent – that ((hugs)) x x x

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