Me and my girl and boy, raising awareness and acceptance of autism

I’ve always known that lack of eye contact (a perceived social skill) is one of the traits of being on the autistic spectrum, I guess I’ve got used to D not looking me in the eye when I’m talking to her/she’s talking to me.

Conversations tend (if she’s not zoned out) to be had whilst she’s focussed on her drawing/stacking her cups or scrunching little bits of tissue paper (a current favourite, the cats love it, these little tissue paper balls end up everywhere!)

Our bathtime chats (which can be very one-sided) are normally had whilst she’s having a cuddle, with gentle prompts to tell me how her day has been – so not a great deal of eye contact there.

What I have found to work when she is “in the zone” or in deep concentration and I need to catch her attention is pinching my nose with my fingers and saying “Mum calling D, come in D” – this always makes her look up and i know then I have a short amount of time to ask/inform her of what needs to be told. Before then, it was virtually impossible to reach through that “zone” but the unfamiliar funny voice seems to bring her out of it, albeit briefly. Targeting that heightened sensory awareness I guess.

A little tip from us, but it might help and it does seem to consistently work. I wouldn’t use it all day though, she would be inevitably get used to it and channel it out.

Thanks for reading, comments/RTs as ever welcomed Jx 😍



Comments on: "The “eyes” have it… Or maybe they don’t" (3)

  1. That’s a brilliant tip, I shall be trying that on Oliver. Thanks for sharing J x

  2. I have done this same thing with my son. He is now 15 and it still works = )

    • Thanks for reading & your comment, I’m so glad I posted that now. I get such funny looks doing it if we’re out but it definitely works 🙂

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