Me and my girl and boy, raising awareness and acceptance of autism

Wednesday 11th April

A breakthrough today…if you’ve been reading my diary blog posts, you’ll know that the main thing T & D fall out over is the trampoline.

She goes on with him, gets hurt slightly (accidentally), comes off, has a massive strop etc etc. It was happening every-time and yesterday I decided enough was enough, told them they were not allowed to go on together and that they would be taking turns and that the ten-minute giant sand timer would be used.

This may sound extreme but the timer would act as a visual prompt for both of them and something had to be done.

This morning, T was on the trampoline, D said she wanted to go outside and said “I’ll get the orange sand timer” – the ten minute one. So she listened yesterday and understood! Thumbs up and highfives. Once we were outside she decided she’d pick dandelion leaves for the piggies but the fact she’d remembered is brilliant.

Aside from her saying again that she misses school – the routine aspect – it’s been a good day.

We tried the pulling faces bit at bath-time again tonight. Made it fun but there is a definite need to mention the dsypraxia possibility when (when?) we get our paediatric referral. 11 weeks now and still no appointment…

Thanks for reading, comments/RTs as ever welcomed, I hope your days have gone okay Jx 


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