Me and my girl and boy, raising awareness and acceptance of autism

that you would not judge based on initial impressions

that you would realise that she is not lazy if she is in a SN buggy, she feels “safe” in there.

that you realised that staring, pointing and whispering affects her whole family. We notice even if she doesn’t.

that you appreciated how much effort it takes her to sit still in a busy restaurant with the noise that that generates. If she flaps that is her way of dealing with it.

I wish that you took the time to make yourself aware of autism.


Comments on: "I wish that NT parents would read this. I wish …" (3)

  1. I wish all parents would teach their kids about our kids. When mine stares she’s just doing what any 18mth old would do to assimilate facial features… Just because she looks her age doesn’t mean inside she is 15 all the time…. So to stare back, or make rude comments is as upsetting to her, and us, as it would be if you did it to the 18mth old….. And then of course, as above, she’ll flap….

  2. I wish I had the answer to this. I used to find myself either sounding like I’m making excuses or getting quite cross at people. Now I try to ignore people or not make eye contact but O is 4 and not that aware, although he has recently commented on people looking at him. It is hard for D and for your family, especially as she has started to notice comments. You do an excellent job in raising awareness and opening minds, keep going, much love x

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