Me and my girl and boy, raising awareness and acceptance of autism

Tuesday 20th March

I put a note into D’s home-school diary this morning saying that D was disappointed she hadn’t been allowed to take Bunny on her trip yesterday, when it had been agreed that she could, and that D had been upset yesterday afternoon and evening at this. I could have elaborated more, but left it at that.

School runs went well. D’s teacher greeted us with repeated “spring has sprung” – lots of rolling ‘r”‘s, which was a bit strange! D went in happy and I said to D to see if she could say that to me later.

Mr O sent home ill from nursery – again. Not my child by the way. Left messages for both parents. Nothing until mother of Mr O turned up at 530pm. Goodness knows what will happen in September once he starts in Reception.

D came out of school ok, absolutely fixated on the ice cream van parked opposite the school! I felt a bit mean saying “no” but I can’t turn this into part of our routine – 1. It’s expensive and 2. it’s not always there, so that would cause problems, routine interruption etc.

Sarky little comment in the diary from school saying “I did not know D wanted to take Bunny….toys are left in the pigeonhole during the day…”. Slight difference of opinion on this – D does not go anywhere without Bunny, it had been agreed that Bunny could travel and say on the bus, D would most certainly have not willing gone without it, hence her appearance yesterday and subsequent very unsettled manner.
Anyway…moving on…but disappointed with the lack of compassion shown…

She enjoyed hide & seek with her brother (T) whilst Bunny had a journey in the washing machine (fell in the toilet), it’s not been Bunny’s week so far and when Hubbie came home, D was saying “spring has grung” – so she DID remember what I’d said this morning – very cute especially with the mispronunciation.

Songs at bathtime tonight – D loves singing “Oranges & lemons”.

I did a blog post earlier on our mainstream experiences, would love any comments if you haven’t already seen it.

Comments/RTs as ever welcomed Jx 


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