Me and my girl and boy, raising awareness and acceptance of autism

Monday 12th March

Flu day 3: urgh. Terrible night of non sleep last night. D slept really badly too, kept coming in and needing cuddles and reassurance. The best sleep I had was between 530-730am.

I kept D off school today, she was over-tired so would have been unco-operative, a nightmare to physically get in the building and would have probably spent the whole day in tears.

Hubbie had taken T to school so I knew I just had to get through the afternoon school run.

D spent a lot of the day drawing – as you probably know by now, that’s her relaxant – and making a craft maize face.


T was delighted to see us at the school gates. I had the healthy glow by then of someone who’d spent time at the gym!
They enjoyed some Trampolining and climbing frame play after we got home.
A couple of stroppy, storming-off moments but then she was tired.

She is so into her reading now – she learnt to read by memory, not phonetically – I think one of my first blog posts was about that (“reading – is there a right way?”)

Tonight’s bath was accompanied by:
Patsy the horse
Percy the pig
Sally the ewe
Henrietta the hen from her “Animal Farm” collection. As per usual, they were NOT allowed to get wet.


Hoping for a better night tonight. Today’s blog post was on Manners, please have a look if you haven’t already.

Comments as ever welcomed Jx 


Comments on: "Monday 12th March" (1)

  1. Hope you get well soon, myself and the kids have been throwing up like champs followed by the shakes n’ aches.
    It’s not nice on top of all the other stuff that comes with autism so I wish you well quickly!

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