Me and my girl and boy, raising awareness and acceptance of autism

Sunday 11th March

I was still ill today – joint ache, bone ache and alternating between being very hot and shivering. T decided that the only way to keep me warm was to put 5 (yes, 5) blankets on me. I felt like the “Princess & the Pea” story – I know that was mattresses but I felt similar to the pea!


Both T and D used this as a good excuse to frequently leap on me (ouch).

Routines were kept to today but at a much slower pace.

Only two meltdowns for D today and that was two too many, to be honest.

T and D played with puppets this pm, I bought these as they were very similar to the birds in Rio, her favourite film. The puppet play seemed to involve the birds fighting the majority of the time.



I need to say thank you to:
for their really insightful comments on my “Friendships and playdates” post. Have a read, if you haven’t already.

I also posted a poem I’d written for D, again it’s on here.

Hopefully this virus will soon be gone, school runs as per tomorrow.

Comments/RTs as ever welcomed, have a great evening Jx 


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