Me and my girl and boy, raising awareness and acceptance of autism

Tuesday 6th March

Thanks for your  feedback on yesterday’s post.

Our day began with a change to routine, or rather a speeded-up routine.

T had to be in school early for a school trip so we had to leave 20 minutes earlier. Special dispensation to go via the office entrance as D finds it too much to be in a very busy, noisy playground. Scooters whizzing everywhere, children running past fast – not to mention the looks and stares that a SN buggy attracts.

T duly dropped off and then we encountered the problem of going against the school run pedestrians. One of D’s anxieties is people walking in front, behind and to the side of her. Couple this with the fact that she was shouting “I don’t want to go to school” and slamming her feet down hard on her footrest, we were quite a sight! She was too cross even for “Mr Paddie” – iPad – who normally gets her through a school run.

We stopped at the park for ten minutes and she ran some of it out of her system. Eventually reached school and she went in, took two staff members to persuade her but in. Costa time for me #phew 

She came out very well at the end of the school day, I usually get a “mumma” shrieked, and ran at so hard I’m nearly bowled over! Part of her routine, she’s always done that. The days she doesn’t, you know it hasn’t been a good day. She was so pleased to see me, it didn’t register that I’d forgotten to bring the requested toys, relief that she hadn’t noticed was immense #mummafail.

She did some face painting with T before tea – on her arm. Looked very good…


D, T and I played “rock, paper, scissors” after tea. Great fun with 3. There were times when we all had rocks, which caused a lot of giggling. That’s the first time she’s really enjoyed that. A slight bending to the rules to suit D at times but it was nice to see her joining in willingly. Made me proud. T was pleased too.




Chat time in the bath, with some of her bud ducks watching us. They’re not allowed to get wet and they go to bed with her too 


Started off badly, but ended well. That’s life. That’s autism.

Comments/RTs as ever welcomed 


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