Me and my girl and boy, raising awareness and acceptance of autism

Communication … Part 2

Following on from my blog on “our children deserve better communication”, D went back to school on Monday and she has been very happy exiting school, I’ve used the incentive of “Mr Paddie” (iPad) to get her into school and she has been sleeping very well.

Then you start to think “she didnt enjoy half term at home”, “how could I have made it better for her” and then you remember the sensory overload at the birthday party, the out of routine week and feel a bit better.

What I tend to do with D is we have a bath together at the end of her day and we talk about the day, this is why a filled-in home-school diary is so important to me, any key things can be gently discussed and if I know what she’s been doing, I can use that as a prompt in conversation.

She mentioned last night that one of the TA’s had taught her in class. Strange I thought and then realised that I hadn’t seen her all week.

Asked a TA this morning, it turns out that her teacher is off sick – had a small procedure before half term, may be back next week, may not.

There’d been nothing in the diary about this and D is obviously coping very well but I can imagine that some in the class aren’t coping with it – there is a downs boy in D’s class who completely needs the strict approach that the usual teacher provides.

There is a different teacher for D’s class every Thursday and Friday, it will be interesting to see how she sleeps tonight.


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