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R.I.P Whitney Houston

I’m shocked and sad but not entirely surprised.

Having a will-D-wake-up-or-won’t-she moment, I’ve switched on my phone to find “R.I.P Whitney Houston” trending. I thought it was one of those joke trends at first, but TL & reports suggest it isn’t.

She was only 48 years old, a few years older than me. A mum, daughter, niece, ex-wife etc. I know she had widely reported (alleged) drug problems but it’s still a shock.

I was temping in a hotel doing reception work when she burst onto the music scene. “Saving all my love for you” was an amazing song – what a voice. A real hairbrush-in-front-of-the-mirror song. That album was one of the first I bought with my own money, full of great songs.

The song from “The Bodyguard” “I will always love you” also showed off her fantastic voice.

Her daughter isn’t much older than my 17 year old son, I hope she’s left to grieve for her mum over the next few days.

There are going to be rumours aplenty over the next few days about how she died but I had too many initial thoughts around the news to put it a 140 word tweet.

Apart from the obvious: Rest In Peace Whitney.


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  1. Yes, RIP Whitney. Not that I am a huge fan, but I appreciate talent, and that is something she had a LOT of. What a great voice!

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