Me and my girl and boy, raising awareness and acceptance of autism

An empathy moment

Whenever D has a meltdown or is on the way to one or has just done a “bolt”, I will cuddle her tightly – she likes the pressure – and then get her to squeeze on of one my hands.

Sometimes it’s a HUGE squeeze, sometimes it’s not so big but the point is to try & focus all her negative energy and emotion onto something else (my hand), then hopefully she’s calmer, then we can discuss triggers.

So, why am I blogging this? Because my two cats (Itsey & Bitsey) were scrapping this morning, lots of rearing up at each other & paws bashing each other etc.

Even though they’re sisters, from the same litter, Bitsey is nearly twice the size of her sister and she always struts truimphantly away from a confrontation with Itsey’s face kind of “what happened there?”

My 9 year old – T – went over to Itsey, stroking her back and saying “come on Itsey, let it all out”.

Cute & so empathetic, he takes so much in, a very caring son & big brother to D and pet owner!


Comments on: "An empathy moment" (3)

  1. $author Hello, just wanted to tell you, I liked this blog post. It was great. Keep on posting!

  2. lovely post shows the love between them

    • Thanks Wendy, they do squabble at times but I think because T gets his “football” time with Hubbie, it does help.

      They mostly fall out over the trampoline.

      T is a little star, very proud of him.

      Hope your lovely brood are all well xx

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