Me and my girl and boy, raising awareness and acceptance of autism

I met a friend for lunch today. We can’t always catch up but it’s good when we do.

Her daughter was my daughter’s best friend in mainstream school, they’re still close and her daughter is also very gentle & considerate of D. It’s nice to see them together.

My friend also have two other daughters, a 14year old and a 3year old, she also has M.E.

She arrived today with a walking stick, walking slowly and with a great deal of effort. This was on a “good day”. On a “bad day”, she has to use a wheelchair.

She’s currently going through the appeals process to try and get DLA, she’s been refused twice and being treated appallingly by the “system”. Inconsiderate panel members who don’t read her notes properly, DWP phone operators who don’t listen, the list went on.

Because the DWP refuse to recognise her disability, she is unable to get the help she needs to assist her in her personal care and childcare requirements when her M.E. overtakes her. She is relying on the kindness of family & friends.

She can’t work due to the M.E. & the DLA would help so much. The strain is starting to affect the whole family.

I don’t know where this propaganda comes from about all these “benefit scroungers” comes from – although any “spartii” would have an idea. But I challenge Rod Liddle or any one of those anti-disability “journalists” to spend some time with her and see the stress and pain she’s enduring.


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