Me and my girl and boy, raising awareness and acceptance of autism

Had the bathtime from hell tonight with D. We normally use it to chat about our day (the conversation is quite often one-way but as long as I get some information about what she’s done at school etc, it’s worth it)

As background: We have a picture of our landing windowsill of me, my sisters and my late grandparents. I was about 9yrs in it and it reminds me of happy times spent at their house near Hastings. They met my eldest son but died before T & D were born.

A few months back, D asked me about the picture and who was in it. I explained it was my Grandma & that she had died. Poor D jumped to the conclusion that HER grandma, my mum had died and got very upset – it doesn’t help that my mum is always in and out of hospital due to reoccurring pneumonia.

Anyway, tired D in the bath suddenly bursts into tears and says she wants to be a grandma and die. She wants to be old. No reasoning behind it. This then moves on to she wants to get younger and younger and go back in my tummy – hmm, not likely!!

I’ve still got no idea what caused it but we had at least an hour of tears. We hadn’t seen my mum today & the curtains were closed so she wouldn’t have seen the photo.

She only calmed down when I got the calendar out and we worked out how long it was until her birthday and what she thought the birthday bunny would be bringing her. Her birthday is on a Sunday too – yay, no school!!

It was really really strange how that wave of negativity got her & thoughts of death etc. She’s not yet 8..

I wish our referral appointment would hurry up but in the meantime, I might move that photo for a while.



Comments on: "Bathtimes should be fun times…" (1)

  1. Oh big hugs ((())) it is very strange how they associate things and get the wrong end of the story. Hopefully it will be all forgotten about. Welcome to the world of blogging enjoy xxx

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