Me and my girl and boy, raising awareness and acceptance of autism

Ever since Christmas, D’s meltdowns have increased. They have not only got more increased, but they’ve changed. She used to be able to just about tolerate people walking behind her, not any more. She stops, terrified, and we have to let them pass, all the while she’s wailing like a wounded animal.
Last week, she was so scared she nearly bolted in the path of a bus. When I asked her why she gets scared, she said it’s because she’s scared the people will try and take her away.
I asked two of the TAs in her class, they said she is more withdrawn since Christmas and more prone to anxiety, less willing to tolerate her peers.
She also tries to hit and kick herself when she feels she’s done something wrong.
Bearing in mind she’s so well developed for her age & the fact we’ve been told puberty will be early, I think wires are crossing in her brain and affecting her.
I think it’s time we consider anti anxiety medication.
I phoned the paediatric department where they diagnosed her & they said go to GP.
We got an appointment & because D was relaxed – we’d been reading from the screen in the waiting room away from the other people – the doctor didn’t really “get” what I was saying. I explained about her meltdowns and the fact that D says she wants to hurt herself when she feels she’s done something wrong.
This was discounted because, as the doctor put it, D was “interacting nicely with her”. When I explained that yes, she might be “interacting” at the moment but autism can change that in a flash, there was no empathy or understanding.
We are being referred back to paediatric dept, the waiting list is 18 weeks.
What do I do between now and then?

Comments on: "Why won’t the professionals help us" (6)

  1. This is just so typical of GP’s and makes me so very angry. Hardly any of them know anything about autism and it’s as though they don’t make an effort to learn. I had the same problems with Amy and now if I ever need to speak to someone in a medical capacity, I ring the specialist’s office. It’s disgraceful that you’ve been left in this position. Why don’t you talk to the NAS and see if they can suggest something. Or else just ring the peadiatric dept everyday until they’re so fed up with you they cave in.

    CJ x

  2. kelly jo grow said:

    I think it sounds liked you need to find a DAN doctor for your daughter, what have you done as far as testing goes?

    • Thanks for your comment. She got diagnosed with ASD three years ago. We just seemed to be passed from paediatric discharge to GP to referral. My issue was the GP just did not seem to “get it”. I shall recommence chasing the appointment once she’s back at school.

  3. […] second child of ours might be on the spectrum and his subsequent diagnosis; feeling let down by the professionals and many proud and […]

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