Me and my girl and boy, raising awareness and acceptance of autism

Hubbie came with me to pick up D on Thursday.
He’s normally at work or co-managing T’s football team so this made a change.
At weekends it tends to be D & I as football is quite full-on & takes up the majority of time. So events out are risk-assessed before we go.
Anyway, D came out wailing because Bunny – her constant companion – wasn’t with her. TA thought may be Bunny was at home. I said no, bunny always comes in and maybe it’s in her pigeon hole?
TA went off to look and came back with bunny, yay, but why did no-one look there in the first place?
Distressed journey back for D, lots of tears and wailing. I had to hold her hand with one hand and support her with the other hand.
Once we were home, Hubbie said that a lot of people had been looking at D (I’m indifferent to the majority of that now, my purpose is D’s welfare) and he said people must have been wondering why she was like acting like that, what’s wrong with her?
I thought, walk in my shoes for a day, mate.
This skin is getting thicker & tougher.


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